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Annie’s Project: “Risk Management on Your Kitchen Table: January-March 2023

Please join us for the upcoming 2023 Online Annie’s Project. Below are details of the project alongside a link to register for the Online Annie’s Project. The goal of ‘Annie Goes Online: Risk Management on Your Kitchen Table,’ is to educate and train new and aspiring farm women on risk management strategies and provide tools … Read More

Annies Project: March 2022

Please Join us below and Register for upcoming 2022 Annie’s Project. Attached below is a poster with the details of the project alongside a link to learn more about Annie’s Project. The goal of ‘Annie’s Project: Farming in New Jersey’s Cities and the Urban Fringe’ is to provide production and business management training and skills … Read More

Suzanne’s Project

Suzanne’s Project, or Suzan’ın Projesi, is named after Suzanne Brumfield Yavuz, a passionate advocate for education,  sustainable food, farming and gender equality—just like her mother, Dr. Robin Brumfield. Suzanne has roots in Turkey and in the state of New Jersey (where the project model was inspired), and will one day inherit a farm in Kentucky that used to … Read More

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