A Virtual Conference: My Business, Lean and Mean:

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Ideas, methods, and objectives to help you manage your greenhouse and nursery business during difficult times.

Greenhouse Energy Considerations

Greenhouse Energy Presentation
Energy Conservation Checklist
Presented by
Dr. A.J. Both
Specialist in Bioresource Engineering,
Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Virtual Grower: A Useful Tool For Decision Making, or a Leap of Faith?

Virtual Grower Overview
Presented by
Dr. George Wulster
Specialist in Floriculture,
Rutgers Cooperative Extension

How to Protect Yourself in Today's Scary Economic Environment

How to Protect Yourself Presentation
Presented by
Dr. Barbara O'Neill
Extension Specialist in Financial Resource Management

Finding a New Niche:
Ornamentals for Rooftops

Greenroof Brochure
Photos of Ornamentals for Rooftops, Part 1
Photos of Ornamentals for Rooftops, Part 2
Presented by
Dr. Rob Berghage
Associate Professor of Horticulture,
Penn State University

Tips on Surviving an Economic Downturn

Surviving Tough Economic Times Presentation
Presented by
Dr. Robin G. Brumfield
Specialist in Farm Management,
Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Bio-Fuel Boilers

Bio-Fuel Boilers, Part 1
Bio-Fuel Boilers, Part 2
Presented by
Ms. Amy Preusser
Sales Manager,


Annie's Project