Recycling Water Series

Ornamental growers in New Jersey are concerned with the management of irrigation water in anticipation of fresh water depletion and the introduction of agricultural water regulations. This video series highlights 5 of these growers through interviews with Dr.Robin Brumfield, Rutgers University Farm Management Specialist, and Alyssa DeVincentis. These operations have invested in technology to disinfect and recycle irrigation runoff to reduce pressure on their aquifers using chlorine, ozone, UV light, or copper treatments. Ray Blew of Centerton Nursery says that "recycling is not profitable but it has to be done." Several of the growers made this investment to "be environmentally friendly and do the right thing." A more detailed explanation of the costs, benefits, and anecdotal experiences with these water management systems can be seen in a 6-article series in Nursery Management and Greenhouse Management Magazines. Infographics to accompany the videos and articles summarize each water management system. We hope all of these tools help growers throughout the state to make informed decisions about water management and recycling. (Infographics to accompany the videos and articles summarize each water management system and were created by Rebecca Cook.)

Photo: Loew's Nursery wells.

10 Tips for Recycling Irrigation Water
With its recapturing system, Loew's Nursery has avoided the expense of drilling 2 new wells to maintain a pump capacity of 50 million gallons per year, which is a significant expense for a nursery this size.

Loews Nursery Infographic.

A Case for Chlorine
Loews Nursery recaptures runoff and treats it with chlorine gas, saving water and fertilizer use.

Overdevest infographic.

A Clear Vision
Years before state mandates, Overdevest Nursery started capturing and cleaning irrigation runoff.

Centerton Nursery Infographic

A Step Ahead
Centerton Nursery’s water recycling system provides 30 million gallons of water each year.

Lucas Greenhouses Infographic.

Reclaiming H2O in the Ozone
Nearly 12 years after being the first grower to do so, the benefits of employing a water-disinfection system using ozone, UV light, and beneficial bacteria, continue to flow for Lucas Greenhouses.

Kubepak Infographic.

Keeping Water Clean with Copper
Kube Pak's water program isn’t about recycling, but it is about effective management and disinfection of its water.

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