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Geraniums, 4-inch Pots
Greenhouse Costs of Production Budget

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SALES VALUE   Per Crop   Per Unit
    $11,400   $1.20
Seed and Plants   $660   $0.07
Pots and Containers   $600   $0.06
Growing Medium   $500   $0.05
Fertilizer and Chemicals   $200   $0.02
Labor   $1,240   $0.12
Tags   $1,647   $0.16
Other Direct Costs   $0   $0.00
TOTAL DIRECT COSTS   $4,847   $0.48
OVERHEAD COSTS   $1,763   $0.18
Loss of Unsold Plants       $0.03
NET PROFIT  < /th> $4,790   $0.50
Crop Units Started   10,000    
Square Feet per Unit   0.11    
Weeks-to-Grow   6    
Greenhouse Size (sq.ft.)   20,000    

These Greenhouse Costs of Production Budget were designed by Dr. Robin G. Brumfield, Specialist in Management, Rutgers, The State Unive rsity of New Jersey at New Brunswick. The budgets were formatted using HTML and exclusively for Rutgers Cooperative Extension and USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) by Dr. Edouard K. Mafoua , Research Associate, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey at New Brunswick.

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